Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome All

I had been blogging for some time now , but i always thought of making a record of everything I learn. So as a new year resolution i decided to blog about my reading and learning experiences

This blog is all about what I am currently doing, my job experiences, problems which i face with my work, latest from the wireless market and so on. 3G,4G, Wimax and WLAN are my areas of interest and my emphasis would be on them.

In the links section (see right side) you will find bunch of links which i follow. My source of knowledge would come from there. I am very thank full to the owners of the links for sharing the information. I will not directly copy paste the information from there, but will try to make my own conclusions out of them. Kindly consider that this information is for my personal record, I might be wrong in some cases and i would be very thank full if you correct me. Comments are always welcome.

Thanks --Santosh Kumar Dornal

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shravan said...

Sure..We are always there for your Support :-)