Saturday, January 17, 2009

Apple .. Nokia .. Palm ??

I was never much of a phone lover. I always thought mobile phone was used to make calls, send texts and store phone numbers. Untill recently, when my job started demanding, I changed my mind set. I realized a smart phone would be very very help full. Well, luckily, i had an opportunity to dive into the world of smart phones. My MacBook was showing small white patch on the screen for a while now, so i thought of getting rid of it before the warranty expires...Apple is costly! So the service guy says two weeks. Anyway, the girl with whom I chat was on vacation for two weeks and I had my beautiful IPod touch at rescue, I decided to give the laptop for a LCD change.

Then i realised the beauty of smart phones and Ipod touch rocks. I could read all my mails on the go, I mean while moving from one room to other :D ... i got wifi at home so Ipod was pretty handy. The 3.5 inch screen was just amazing .. I owned this device for one and half year and i realised its beauty just recently ... all my office emails just flow to the device...web browsing is so easy and so wonderful. I could still do IM for couple of minutes...Now i want a smart phone.

I browsed a lot and i found Nokia N97 ..Palm Pre and Apple IPhone to be pretty interesting. I already use Ipod so Iphone is not what Iam looking for. More over i can run only one app in Iphone at a time. Only the email runs in the back do IM you have to open the IM app and remain there for ever which I hate. Except that i find IPhone to be very nice.

Palm Pre .. Master piece...its so beautiful. I took some time off at work and saw the entire one hour video of Palm pre from CES 09. God I love this device. It has everything i need. Multi -touch.. can simultaneously handle several apps... blah blah...its almost like desktop. A google search will result in the entire feature list of palm pre. What i hate about about the device is it comes with CDMA is not popular in India and iam not particularly interested in switching my network. And I have no idea if palm will be lauched here, I guess it will be launched.

Comming to the best...Nokia N97 ....Nokia is the most popular mobile phone maker in India. People blindly buy Nokia. N97 takes everything to next lever. It comes with 3G .. touch screen... nice keyboard.. its cool. I still dont know if it can do several apps at a time. I wish i want it to do it. Well..I have made up my mind. N97 is going to be my next phone. I have to save up for the phone, may be for three months and hopefully it will launched in India by then. And 3G would be in India soon too ...hurray!!!

My MacBook is back and i see there is a new version of ILife to download. Iam particulary impressed by iWork comaptability with Microsoft Office... I hope it works smooth....

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