Friday, January 2, 2009

New Blog to My List

I was browsing about 3G 4G today, well i do it everyday and i landed up at a beautiful blog by Martin Sauter. He is a telecom researcher, consultant, book author and off-course a blogger based in Europe I suppose. He had written some wonderful blogs about wireless in there. Well, office was not that busy today and i could squeeze in couple of hours to read his entries. I was particularly overwhelmed with one of his post where he described all the events related wireless which happened in 2008.

Next i went on reading about LTE, which is my hot favourite these days. I am reading about X2 and S1 interfaces of LTE. Good news is that me and my friend have come with a small program which performs a handoff signalling in LTE. Its a very basic simulation. How ever we are happy that we implemented it over SCTP transport. I will post more about it soon.

I was never much into phones and stuff. I own a ipod touch , which is just brilliant. I always thought phones were just meant for talking and messaging. Just recently i have changed my mind. I had a look at Nokia N97 today. The very first look of it made me go crazy. I decided then and there, it is going to be my next phone. Well i need to wait for couple of months before i squeeze in budget for that, hopefully i will do it.

And with a beautiful kiss, movie, "The Mummy" comes to an end in HBO and i feel like lying on my bed now.

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