Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sun Sparc fumes!!

I recieved a beautiful 5 year old Sun Sparc box couple of days back. After a fight for more than a month, the box was shipped from our US office to India. I was suppose to do some automation on it. Once i got the box, i opened it, nicely placed it on the table and plugged in the power supply and boom. The SMPS of the box blew. I dint notice a small switch indicating the voltage rating. It was set to 110 volts and in India is 240 volts. What an Idiot i was!! Its sure a rocket science to find that switch. Any way , i will have very good time running behing IT guys to fix the box. I dont know if any local hardware vendors could fix the box. Hope for the best!!!
What a way to begin monday morning!! huh!!


Anonymous said...

yes even i did that mistake once,its the best way to learn, if the device has a fuse you are safe :),we all hope it has one :)

Santosh said...

Yup, the IT guy just took the SMPS with him. Hope they will fix it soon ..