Sunday, March 4, 2012

OPNET Projects for Students

I should have done this long back, but never too late. I have had several requests from students across the globe regarding projects on LTE. Most of the requests were related to OPNET. Unfortunately I don’t have enough experience of the tool and neither have time to explore. 

This post is for the students who wish to share their experience/scripts/anything related to LTE for the benefit of other students. Please share your work under this post, also you can email me I will push it to the post. Students can use this blog as a platform to share their knowledge/Questions/experience with any tools/scripts. I will link this post to the right under “Projects for Students” section. Even students can get in touch with each other and share their work if they want to. Possibilities are limited to your discretion.

A new project by one of blog readers.

4G simulation based on OMNeT++ (similar to OPNET but free).
Code @
 At the moment only a simple attach request scenario is implemented. Feel free to check it out!

Thanks, Santosh


Anonymous said...

Thank you Santosh

for me , I'm working on LTE Self Organizing Net Work (SON),yet ,I'm exploring the 16.0 OPNET ,and once I feel that I've something good enough to share, I will send what I've to you.

Thank you for your sharing .

Cerchez Calin said...


Anyone who is interested in contributing to 4G sim project, please contact me at

Best regards