Saturday, August 15, 2009

PMIP, LTE, CDMA and Mobility

Last night we played a game of Cricket. I was returning home on my wonderful bike cruising at just over 105 KMPH for a stretch of 5 KM. With all the adrenalin kicking in and air gushing through ears I suddenly realized something. Can I receive or make a call at this speed? I dint test it though, but I believe people do test these scenarios. What if I am moving from one base to station and other? How smooth will the handover be? I will try to do some tests. I am a sensible driver and care of safety. Will do tests under guidance of experts. So relax. :)


I read a report from Unstrung which says Verizon will start commercial deployments of LTE in 2010. Boston and Seattle are the selected cities. Now, Verizon 3G network is CDMA EVDO based, which means there is no GTP in packet core. PMIP is the the protocol used in CDMA and Wimax, as far as I know. So looking at LTE network, lets guess how Verizon might deploy the network. I would say the MME and SGW (s11 interface) will be a GTP based interface, which is obvious. But S5/8 interface might have PMIPv6 running. If S5/8 interface is GTP too then I there might be problem converging Verizon 3G network with LTE(?). This leads to more questions. Lets say Verizon is using ALU 7750 rotuer with SGW blade and PGW blade.

First question : Will both the blades sit in the same router? Is it a good idea?

Second question : WIll these blades be generic? One firmware for GTP and other for PMIP? I believe the technology will be software controlled, just like the cisco routers.

Third question : How many interfaces are we looking at in a single SGW blade? Two interfaces are minimum, one towards MME and other towards SGW?

Fourth question : Can I combine both SGW and PGW functionality in single blade? PMIP and GTP will be software controlled, so will combining both SGW and PGW make any sense or will that violate the specs?

Just few thoughts! Let me know what you think.

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