Thursday, August 6, 2009


Phones! Yes, I love the technology.

My interests in mobile phones started two years ago. Since my child hood I was technology addict. We used to watch youtube videos of Surface Computing and think that is the next generation. One day my friend showed me a video of a gadget which was working based on touch inputs. Untill then I only knew that ATM's and few computers could be operated by touching the screen. This was two years ago and that video blew my mind. Off course I am talking of the great "iPhone" & "iPod". I was luckily in US when the first gen iPod was released in 2007. I remember the trips to Best Buy and Fry;s almost everyday and asking the sales guys when I can get my iPod. After 7 days I could lay my hands on one of them and it was brilliant. I got home with it and the whole college and office was running behind me to get a glimpse of it. I enjoyed every moment of it. :) That was my first contact with Apple and I started loving its technology. Then I got a MacBook (An award! wow!) and I loved it even more.

Having said so much about Apple, I should say I am not an Apple fanboy. I love Nokia when it comes to phones. Some how iPhone never impressed me. In January this year I decided to buy a smart phone. So I started my search. New phones were being launched and I was pretty excited with all the things going on in the mobile world. Nokia, Apple, Palm, HTC..all lauched their new phones. But ..but ...but.... there is still no phone which actually satisfies all my fantasies. So I framed up a picture of "MyPhone".

MyPhone is combination of several phones. MyPhone has the features which are handpicked by me. So how does this MyPhone look and behave, what does it have internally. Lets dig in.

MyPhone is combination of four phones. Nokia N97+HTC Touch Pro 2+Palm Pre+iPhone. Pick the best in these phones and make a new phone which becomes MyPhone.

MyPhone is designed like a HTC Touch Pro 2. It has a solid QWERTY Keyboard which slides out to the left. The Screen can be adjustable. The keyboard is nicely designed, feels robust and easy to use. The keys light up when pressed. The build of the phone is like N97. Hard and Robust! How ever I dont like the way key board is designed in N97. But the slide out mechanism in N97 rocks. It feels so solid, but I would still prefer a adjustable screen instead of just one angle. So the design and form factor of MyPhone will be like Nokia N97 with a HTC Touch Pro 2 key board and adjustable screen.

When it comes to hardware MyPhone will feature a powerful 800 Mhz processor with 256 MB Ram. I am not much into processor technology so I will leave the processor to be selected by experts, but I insist it to be a high speed one. 800 MHz sounds pretty good and 256 MB of Ram will just give the boost. MyPhone will feature a 3.5 MM headset jack with a Micro USB and memory card expansion slot. It will have 32 GB of internal memory expandable to 48 GB. Just like N97. MyPhone will also feature a removable battery.

When it comes to taking pictures and recording video, MyPhone will feature a 5 MP cam with auto focus and powerful flash. It will record a HD quality video. MyPhone will be a robust phone which makes its presence felt when in your hands.

MyPhone will also feature a touch screen. The touch will be a capacitive touch unlike N97. Touch screen would be like iPhone with an excellent response. A scroll of phone book or play list will be like magic. So MyPhone will have HTC Touch Pro 2 design with Nokia N97 form factor and iPhone as a touch screen. Movement from normal to landscape mode will be like magic..iPhone accelerometer?. MyPhone will also feature a virtual key board just for one those times. Zoom in and zoom out can done by pinch on the screen. Flicking through photos will be amazing.

MyPhone will run apps like Palm Pre. Each app will run as a card which will make the phone a true multitasking phone. Moving from app to other will be just like the way we do in desktop. Web browsing will be just like the one in iPhone and a pinch can zoom in or zoom out the page. MyPhone will also feature VPN so that I can connect to my office network.

Oh yeah, MyPhone will also feature Wifi with WPA 2, a GPS receiver and a FM transmitter. Maps and Photos can be tagged using GPS. MyPhone will also support flash which makes web browsing a great experience. Email will be fun, all the email clients can accessed at one place just like in iPhone.

All this will come at a good price, some where around 750$ including all the taxes.

If any body is manufacturing the kind of phone I mentioned above then let me know, I will be the perfect one to test it.

Final comments: In my the view the perfect phone has still not arrived. I love the N97 form factor but the resistive screen, application response time and processor makes it not a great choice. On the other hand iPhone does those like a magic but it doesnt have a external key board. Moreover iPhone just can do multitasking. Palm pre looks small. The screen isnt big enough and some how it doesnt suite me. HTC on the other hand seems great, but Windows on mobile... nope .. sorry. How about Android based phones? I never looked at them carefully, may be its the time now. So the "buying phone this year" decision is put on hold till next year. Moreover I am a victim of recession and just cant afford an expensive device now. I will be stuck with the below phone for a while and try to get the home button of my iPod fixed, the damn thing is not working for past 3 months :(

imgMotorola W2202.jpg

Let me know how MyPhone looks, I will be glad.


iPhone Users said...

Unfortunately iPhone didn't impress you. Even though, i exploring much things with iPhone.

iPhone Users

Santosh said...

IPhone is a great phone but it dint appeal to me. On the other hand IPod touch is amazing. I just can imagine any other brand in that segment.