Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tracking Trends!

Something hit me today. GTPv2 is not exciting any more, because I figured it out and understand things there is pretty easy now. Read this.

I want to start looking at different things and blog about them instead of dumb GTP. So I figured out my wish list. I had a wish list before but this is new one. :-D

  • Volga: Volga is first the thing I want to track. My future posts post will be mostly on this technology. I have to say I absolutely have no idea about its architecture. I only know that in LTE circuit switched calls and SMS is not possible at this moment. CS fall back is not a good option and IMS is still far away. So this weekend its all about Volga.
  • Femtocells: I want to rip these femtos apart and look into the devices. Specs? Architecture? etc etc
  • OFDM/MIMO/64QAM: Radios signals and systems are my favourites since my engineering days. I still remember those days when I soldered a FM transmitter and broadcasted Eminem songs in college and apartment. I was pretty good with modulation, sampling and shannon;s theorems. TCP/IP made me forget them completely. I need to start reading radio.
  • S11 interface: The code which I wrote in last post needs to move ahead. I am working on dragging my friend in.
  • Mobiles: I am not a expert here. But I love to read reviews about them and may be post a few.

If something crazy is on my mind why should it be on blog and irritate the subscribers? There are few times where I said something would happen and it never happend, something I said I would do and never did. So I thought if I blog about what I want to do, I actually might do just for the sake that I wrote about it.

Wish me luck and have a nice day.

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