Friday, July 31, 2009

Arrg!!....June revision

Just when I thought my life has become easy I see a new revision of 3GPP Release 8. It just cant get any more frustrating.

The idea was 3GPP Release 8 would freeze in Dec 2008 and there will be a bug fix version of it in March 2009. Oh no no, March doesnt have all the fixes, there comes a new revision in June. And guess what, GTP-C header has changed a bit. Seq no is now 3 bytes long and spare is 1 byte long (it was 2 and 2 respectively in march). Is it a good idea to jump on to june version of the specs now? or will have a new version of spec in next couple of months? any more bug fixes? Darn! I hate software.

Hey, does anybody know how to keep track of it these changes or 3GPP guys just meet when ever they feel like and bring out the new spec? I searched the entire 3GPP web site but couldn't get the details I wanted.

If you feel the same frustration I am feeling comment saying frustrated, if you are irritated say irritated. :) (Just kidding!)

FreeRadius + 3GPP Radius Part 2 next.


Manish said...


Seq No. Become 3 bytes from 2? So we have to use long instead of short to store it.

We can be member of 3GPP and keep getting mails about discussion, review, comments etc.

Manish Panchmatia

Santosh said...

Oh, l will look into that member thing. Thanks for letting me know that.