Monday, March 23, 2009

LTE Testing : Help! Help!

All developers and testers working on various LTE projects :-

How are you testing your devices?

Is there any tool available to test conformance of protocols?

How is LTE device tested for performance?

Any inhouse tools being built?

Any tools available for corporates to buy?

If you have any clue about what I am trying to say please feel free to write to me. Iam desperately looking for some ideas for testing LTE protocols (GTPv2) .



Santosh Kumar Dornal


santosh said...

Dear Friend,

My Company Nethawk Networks ( is working on LTE simulators to test LTE network elements.

"Nethawk EAST LTE" is a leading testing solution in the market for both Functionality and Performance testing.

If you are interested then you can contact the Sales & Support team.


Santosh said...

Thanks for the info. Will look into it.

john said...


I am also interested in leaaring Nethawk EAST for IMS. I am working in VoIP domain.I came across this tool and found it is interesting and supports all emerging technology.
But i dint find much info on this in net. I am learning it of my own. Can u please
tell me how to use this tool for IMS applications.Scripts used for this tool and the
working steps of the tool.It would be really helpful, if i am provied with the

Thanks in Advance!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm from NSN. TTCN-3 framework can be used for testing GTPV2 messages. It is excellent in testing LTE protocol stacks including error messages simulation.

Tieto organization works on the same for us.


Rajjesh Badveti said...

Hi santosh,

Yes TTCN-3 can be used as just simulators to test the SGSN GTPV2 protocol. It is easy to understand as well. It follows ASN.1 notation.

Rajesh Badveti