Saturday, March 28, 2009

Apple "Genius" is a Genius

I am heavy music listener. I am crazy about music and I choose my play list very very carefully. My mood swings a lot too and I feel like listening to something according to my mood, off course everybody do. I love my ipod touch. So just couple of days back I looked at the Genius button in my itunes, though it was lying there for long. I should admit I am pretty much impressed with it. Its wonderful. Select one song based on your mood and let Genius find the songs in that genre. Not genre exactly but the tunes match the mood. So nice and fantastic. I love listening to Killers. So I choose the song "All these things that I have done" and press Genius. Wala, I have a list of songs in my playlist which sounds exactly like the one I chose.

Its a nice feature. Things like these a again making me to look for an IPhone. IPhone 3.0 OS is amazing. Watched the entire keynote presentation and was pretty much impressed. I am looking forward to the new IPhone to be launched in june. I think I might want to add it to my wish list.

Watching No Reservations now. Catherine is amazing. God I love her, she looks so fantastic even in her 40's. Wish you all a happy weekend.

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