Saturday, February 6, 2010

I will NOT be at Mobile World Congress this year!

I will NOT be at MWC this year. :-) Neither was I last year nor the year before. :-D

But I am close follower of the event. Last year was all about mobile devices. HTC unveiled their new phone and so did other brands. Nokia N97 was announced just ahead of MWC. All in all last year was more of devices.

However this year I am guessing most of the attention would be towards LTE and HSPA+. Now the devices are in the market and we need speed. I want to see more of LTE demos, chipsets and handsets. Also an announcement regarding voice over LTE would be sweet.

With so much action in Barcelona its disheartening to see no 3G in India. I see an add today which says TV over Mobile phone. Cool! But dah! Network is still running GPRS. Considering a city like Bangalore in India this application makes no sense. Any way hope to see 3G soon in India.

I wish all visiting Barcelona for MWC a good luck and hope to see some live blogging from there. May be I will get a chance sometime in future to visit Barcelona :-)

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Rajeev said...

3G auctions in India is rumored to happen in 2011 fiscal;

If the fiscal deficit is high in this budget ( even after some disinvestment options ), Govt might consider 3G auctions this year; if not next year ( my analysis )