Thursday, November 19, 2009

An observation!

There are bunch of office boys at the place I work. Since one year I have noticed them using big fat mobile phones while I carry a small GSM phone which can do nothing but voice and sms. So I talk to the boys and they tell me that these phones are made in China and apparently are very cheap. They also told me that these phones might stop working anytime or they might just keep working for years.

Later I observed them using GPRS and accessing WAP sites of service providers. They download a ringtone or a photo of an actress everyday. Now this made me wonder. People who have never used internet on a computer, or rather who have never used computer, have started using internet on mobile phone. So what happens when these guys realize the beauty of youtube. If 3G comes in and service providers start advertising youtube service on television, these guys are going to have a blast. Remember its the adds on television that made facebook so popular in India (Aircell advertisement?). This means India is directly moving to mobile internet, which is jumping over a step, skipping the internet revolution on PC. India is adding 10 million subscribers every month. Now with 3G coming and youtube like services rolling out just imagine how congested the networks are going to get!

Any thoughts?


dhruv said...

well said.

YG said...

Exactly Santosh. Once all these fancy devices get to the market people buy them like crazy and the network load increases massively within a few weeks rather than years as in the past.

The average data user needs 30 times more bandwidth than the voice user and a lot of that is signaling.

That's why we need LTE very soon! Have a look at this related post: