Friday, October 9, 2009

LTE Whitepaper from Wired n Wireless

I have been working on this White paper for quite long time and finally could finish. Here it is, all my work in LTE in single document. The document talks of LTE interfaces, network elements, radio network, user plane and control plane and handover scenarios. I havent gone too deep into technology as things are definitely complicated.

I hope it will be useful. I shall appreciate if you could take a look at it and pass on your comments.

I have uploaded the same in my Google code section here. The document is also available in scribd.

Direct link to the paper here. (Courtesy

LTE Whitepaper


Н. Славко said...

Thank's useful!

Jacek Macuda said...

Hi, I'm studing radio transmission and have to say that your white paper is really nice !

best regards from Poland

Santosh said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

seen PCO ( Protocol configuration Option)in LTE message trace.Could someone provide info what PCO does or usage of it.


Kiran Suresh said...

A question to understand better the one to one relation between different kinds of bearers (Data Radio Bearer and its corresponding eRAB in particular). When an RRC connection drops, the DRB obviously drops. But does the related eRAB also get disconnected? Or could an eRAB stay up if a corresponding DRB is established again, linking the new DRB to the existing eRAB for the one to one relation?