Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LTE : Wishlist

Off-late work is keeping me busy and I am not finding time to do much except for logging and verifying bugs. :) I have jotted down few things which I feel are pretty important to understand LTE technology much better. I call it the "Wishlist". These are my priority now.

  • QoS : QoS is top in my list. I had tried posting something before but I still need to work more. There are acronyms like TFT , TAD's to understand. I still have couple of questions from readers to answer.
  • Dedicated Bearers: I still dont get the dedicated bearers completely. I am almost there. I wrote two posts on dedicated bearers sometime back and I almost understand how they work now. (Post 1 and Post 2)
  • 3GPP Radius: I think I have got this one. There is not much difference in LTE and UMTS/GSM implementation of Radius authentication except for changes in few acronyms. If you pick up the free radius from you might just be able to authenticate user in GSM/UMTS domain as the dictionary for 3GPP is already available. But for LTE you might need to tweek something to make free radius work. I wrote something on Radius sometime back but more to follow.
  • Interop with 3GPP/Non 3GPP: LTE is all about convergence. So lots of networks will be coming together. There is need to understand how this will happen. This is not a high priority on the list but interop with 3G is definitely on the charts.
  • LTE Security aspects : I am still taking baby steps here. A lot needs to be done. :)

There is an event coming up on LTE. LTE World Summit in Germany from May 18th to 20th. Its one even that anyone working in LTE should watch out for. Unfortunately I cannot attend it. I am neither rich to afford a flight ticket nor my company is ready to sponsor. So attending one of these events is in my wish list too. :) There will be another LTE world summit in Asia, even that will be held in Hongkong in month september. It is very disheartening to see that nothing is happening in India. I know there are lot of people working on various LTE projects in India but 4G is not going to be deployed any sooner in India. I wish somebody takes up and initiative and arrange a meet in India where people from various companies can share their interests and show case their products. If I am unaware of any such events please enlighten me.

Having said 4G is far far away in India, 3G isn't coming any sooner too. THe spectrum auction again has been postponed. As elections are going on we might have to wait for the new government to form for spectrum to released. But BSNL has launched its 3G services which is not used by corporates. Lets hope we can have 3G at least by this year end.

I have a big question. Now that release 8 has free-zed how will any work on it will continue. Say something needs to changed in spec how will it be done. All changes go in Rel 9? That shouldn't be. Any ideas?

Right now all I can think of is LTE. But the question is pursuing it as career is a good idea? 3G took 7 years to deploy and work properly. LTE might 10 years. What after it? New technology? I dont know? Still thinking in that aspect as I have to move on with my career too.

I am in desperate need of tool using which I can make notes. I use windows PC in office and publish all my blogs from mac. So if I have to make a quick note on Mac which needs to be accessed on my office PC is getting difficult for me. I am right now using Google Notebook but I would really like to see some think like sticky which can used to make notes from any where and can be accessed any where. I am planning on buying a smart phone soon. So I will have three devices to make notes. I would really appreciate if any you know of any tool or service.

And finally I should say that my blog is not well maintained. Information is spread all over the blog and there is redundancy or lack of info in some posts. I apologize for that and will get better as the time passes by.

As always comments and emails are greatly welcome.

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